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Birthdate:Nov 5
Duck is clumsy, babbling, and an eternal screw-up, an ordinary student in the beginner ballet class at her school with a heart big enough for the world and almost no common sense to go with it . . .

- except, actually, Duck is the mystical Princess Tutu, blessed with beauty, intelligence and charm (not to mention magical ballet superpowers) who is destined to rescue her storybook prince before tragically vanishing in a speck of light the minute she confesses her love . . .

- um, except actually Duck is, in fact, a duck. A strangely adorable and very determined duck, but nonetheless, nothing more than a duck who saw a sad prince one day and wished that she could help him. (And, being a duck, has never heard the saying, 'be careful what you wish for.')

Considering all this she is dealing surprisingly well with her identity crisis issues!

Most of the time, Duck looks like a small and scrawny adolescent girl with a cheerful face, a long red braid, and several improbable tufts of red hair sticking stubbornly up like feathers on top of her head. However, if, when shocked or startled, she accidentally lets out a 'quack!', Duck turns back into her real self - a small bright yellow duckling - and can only turn back into a girl if she touches water. As a duck, she can pretty much only communicate in fervent quacks, but she does that with a vengeance.

In times of crisis, Duck can also transform into Princess Tutu, who, despite having red hair and looking just like an older, lovelier, and more graceful version of Duck, is nonetheless somehow completely unrecognizable. This works like Superman and Clark Kent. Don't question it! Princess Tutu wears a gravity-defying white tutu and a feathery headdress, and has magical ballet powers dedicated to helping you find emotional catharsis. No, really.

All of these transformations depend on the red pendant she always wears around her neck. Without it, she's just a duck.

[Ahiru is the property of Princess Tutu and appears here for no profit whatsoever.]

Interests (26):

affection, ballet, bitter disappointment, dancing, desire for knowledge, fear, friends!!!, happy endings, hearts, heartshards, how you really feel, lilie, loneliness, love, miss edel, mytho, not fakir because he's a jerk, not marrying neko-sensei, pas de deux, pique, pride, princes, rue-chan, sorrow, stories, toe shoes

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